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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Dr. Denise Jameson

Family, Pregnancy, Pediatric Focused

I attended Life University in Atlanta, GA and received my Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2014. I have special training in Upper Cervical Toggle technique as well as Activator Technique. I am also Webster Certified.


My chiropractic journey has taken me throughout the country, however I have been excited to be back in this area since 2015 to raise my children with my husband, Jason. It is rewarding watching them thrive with a life of chiropractic!


One of my greatest passions is adjusting families from newborns to the great-grandparents. Generations showing healthy habits are very important ad I am honored to help families establish this! 


Health, Movement, Wellbeing

We need all of the above to be able to live our best lives. Although it is a birthright to be healthy, that is not often the case for everyone. Some experience this at a young age. Others are "more fortunate" and experience this later in life. But no matter the age... we deserve more!

Chiropractic offers just that! Life with that something extra. Living life fully connected is what we are capable of when living a life with chiropractic.

In life, proper movement and proper function are very important to not only health, but life quality.

In children, if dysfunction is present, developmental issues and potential retained primitive reflexes could occur later in life.

Also, if proper function is not there, then proper health will be missing as well. Life without health is living a life of wellbeing.

Thankfully the solution is simple:


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