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Wellness Articles

Chiropractic is a well researched healthcare option available for babies, kids, parents and beyond. When it comes to health, if it isn't safe... it can't be that healthy! Chiropractic is gentle and honoring to even the tiniest of spines. Please read below for further chiropractic research & overall education.

Chiro 101

The 1st adjustment

The 1st adjustment in history restored a man's hearing. This was in 1895. Three days later, he hearing was restored. Since then, chiropractic has been helping people with differing health concerns & disease by using the power that made the body, to heal the body!

Wellness care

People often choose chiropractic for pain or symptoms, however there is a larger population that chooses regular chiropractic care to stay healthy and be more preventative. Those under regular chiropractic care tend to have less sick days, be on less medication and report an overall higher quality of life.

Birth & Beyond

 Newborns have been benefitting from chiropractic care for over a century now! Getting adjusted from the beginning of life allows the body to develop, grow and function more ideally.

It is important to grow healthy kids so they don't turn into sick adults.

Safety & Research

Safety & Kids

700 children underwent more than 5,000 chiropractic sessions by a licensed chiropractor. When parents of the children were asked after each & every visit if there were any adverse side effects, they found that the primary (and only) one was a slight next-day discomfort after a period of adjustment.

Safety & pregnancy

“My opinion on chiropractic care during pregnancy is that it is essential. You wouldn’t drive a car if it was out of alignment, so why would you prepare for birth that way? I would attribute how smooth my labor and delivery was to the chiropractic care I received during my pregnancy and labor."

- a Happy Chiro Mama

CHiro 101

The brainstem is the first thing to form upon conception, therefore the nervous system runs every muscle, organ, gland and patch of skin until we die. If our nervous system isn't able to communicate the proper message for function, then there is dysfunction. That eventually leads to lower quality of life and disease. All because of central nervous system interference...


"Our findings reveal that chiropractic care is a viable alternative to the care of infantile colic and congruent with evidence-based practice, particularly when one considers that medical care options are no better than placebo or have associated adverse events..."

ear infections

"Out of 46 pediatric patients, only 6 did not see benefit from chiropractic care. There was a clear reduction in sick leave among the patients compared with conventional medical treatment..."

recurring infections

"Chiropractic care can help balance immune system functioning and relieve asthma symptoms as well as colds and allergies..."

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